Funded by Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Institutes of Health (NIH/NIAID), and the Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC).

Funded by Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH/NIAID)

Developing novel software solutions for virologists

Discover the future of genomics with GAT/ML by GATACA, a pioneering software pipeline that merges deep machine learning, natural language models, and bioinformatics algorithms within a high-performance dataflow system. GAT/ML doesn’t merely detect known variants—it’s designed to discover emerging variants in real-time, offering predictive insights into evolving quasispecies and shedding light on unseen pathogenic trajectories. Currently honed for Hepatitis and HIV analytics, GAT/ML extends its capabilities to any disease or sample characterized by sequence heterogeneity, making it a versatile tool applicable to virology, metagenomics, oncology, and others. By identifying and analyzing mixed populations, this alignment-free, reference-free system is equipped to revolutionize research and healthcare by predicting the unpredictable. Experience the meeting point of deep learning and genomic complexity with GAT/ML, and revolutionize the way you approach viral populations and diseases.

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Take control of your virology research & gain more insight faster

Data Metrics

GAT/ML streamlines your workflow, integrating standard and virus-centric metrics for comprehensive data quality and sequencing performance evaluation.

Data Metrics

From coverage depth and uniformity to GC bias and read ambiguity rate, gain in-depth insights into your NGS runs. Our ML model metrics reveal optimal classification boundaries, flag biases, uncover latent features, and more. Benefit from a detailed metrics report.

Mutation Capture

GAT/ML's hybrid assembly and ML algorithms employ a unique approach to deliver accurate intra-host variation representation, even among 99% similar real sample variants.

Mutation Capture

Our bias-free models transcend bioinformatics, revealing hidden mutation features.

Dynamic Databases

GAT/ML's dynamic database architecture overcomes the challenges posed by traditional, static data systems and the issues associated with data silos.

Dynamic Databases

GATACA’s databases are virus- and task-specific yet interoperable, enabling versatile capabilities and associations among genotype, anti-viral drug resistance and response, tropism, haplotype, quasispecies & more.


GAT/ML's models are trained on its large patient-specific database to identify clinical genomic attributes, predict their function, and link phenotypes to sequence analysis.


GAT/ML offers simultaneous monitoring of viral and host traits on the same quasispecies population over time.

integration of workflows

The key to a solid data management system is integrating the workflow, such as attaching annotations to sequences, creating data linkages, etc.

integration of workflows

By integrating the results of multiple experiments through proper normalization and cross-compiling, GAT/ML can discern batch effects and meaningful offsets. It unearths hidden patterns and trends, leveraging machine learning and predictive modeling to provide deeper insights.
The HBV and HIV Problem
the solution

Specialized NGS Bioinformatics Algorithms / Pipelines

Assembly and categorization of mixed genetic populations from NGS data
Current applications for HBV;
new training underway for HIV
Testing goals encompass benchmarking, confirming the natural occurrence of GAT/ML outputs, and validating predictive capabilities.
Reference-free, alignment-free, reading frame-aware haplotype and quasispecies reconstructions and predictions
Deep learning directly from sequences, coupled with bioinformatics in a hybrid, automized approach
Unprecedented reliability through extensive testing and validations
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While GAT/ML is our primary software solution and offering (please contact us), we also provide the following services:
Unique data management and analytic methods

Custom Designed Analysis Tools

Unique data management and analytic methods that resolve high genetic heterogeneity and allow longitudinal analyses to track mutations and viral evolution

Our team of skilled writers and field-matched

Editing / Writing Services

Our team of skilled writers and field-matched bioinformatics experts will advise on the strategy, structure, and creation of your scientific documents and presentation materials.

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Study Design Consultation

Our team has extensive experience working with, educating, and advocating alongside priority populations identified in the Viral Hepatitis Action Plan. 

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To develop virus- and disease-specific molecular genome software solutions for discovery scientists

We understand your data analysis challenges and have the investigational tools to help you compete for funding, publications, patents, and new projects. Our software streamlines the discovery process with data organization and management, and applications integrating genetic, experimental, and clinical data.

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